Tips Budget Travel to Japan

Japan is considered to be an expensive country to travel to, but with these cheap tips and tricks, living off vending-machines is not even an option. Despite Tokyo being infamous for its high cost of living, it is a dream destination for many. Even budget travelers are taking a chance in this country due to its east-meets-west beauty that is truly captivating. A  vacation to the Land of the Rising Sun is absolutely possible, but it requires strategic planning and a "cowboy" mentality. The Seattle Times listed 5 tips for traveling to Japan on a budget, when followed, can considerably save tons of money! Travel During Off Peak Significant amount of the travel budget goes to the plane ticket, but traveling during off-peak season can drastically lower the flight cost. Research about the public holidays will help, specifically, a high concentration on when Japanese holidays take place. The three public holidays mostly populated are New Year's Golden Week (late April to earl…
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